Thursday, April 23, 2015

Contemporary Art / Doha - Mahjoub Ben Bella

Mahjoub Ben Bella
B. 1946
oil on canvas 
133 by 95cm.; 52 1/4 by 37 1/2 in.
Executed in 1987

"What we first distinguished in  Mahjoub Ben Bella paintings, of course, is the signs. Its repetition. Its resonance as if it were an incantatory vocal. Mahjoub Ben Bella is not to illustrate or follow in the footsteps of some illustrative calligraphy. No! His work simply reflects a musicality that finds its rhythm in both the treatment and in the colors. The score is ticking right through, throbbing and vibrant. Overturning the silence of the monochrome, it covers the canvas to excess, striking the seal of its eighth notes, embellished with lilting tones. He carries it into a syncopated and linear abstraction. Sometimes exceeding the simple tone, he tried to lose us in the rustle of life itself, in quivering landscapes..." More

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