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01 Painting by the Orientalist Artists , with footnotes, 57

Louis-Théodore Devilly, (1818-1886) 
Oil on canvas, 
51 x 82 cm 
Private collection

Louis Theodore Devilly (born in Metz the 28 October 1818 and died in Nancy the 24 December 1886 ) was a French painter of the xix th  century . Member of the School of Metz , he moved to Nancy in 1871 , after the annexation . He is the author of paintings of romantic inspiration, sometimes orientalist subjects .

Louis-Théodore Devilly was born in Metz on October 28, 1818 1 . His father, Louis-Jean-Baptiste (1792-1826), who was a notable Messinian, a member of the Royal Academy of Metz, died in 1826.

From 1833 to 1835, Louis-Théodore Devilly attended the classes of Laurent-Charles Maréchal , the leader of the School of Metz. He then wins Paris , where he became a student of the painter Paul Delaroche at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Friend of Decamps, Aimé de Lemud , Diaz, Théophile Gautier, Devilly practiced the art of engraving and that of watercolor. He participated in the Salon of painting and sculpture of 1840 in Paris. He returned to Metz live his art in 1841. This did not prevent him to participate in other exhibitions, including at the 1852 Salon, where he received a silver medal. His contemporaries particularly appreciate his great realistic compositions, where his talents as a history painter can express himself fully.

In 1864, Louis-Théodore Devilly was appointed director of the Metz School of Fine Arts . After the Franco - German War of 1870 , Devilly opted for France and left his hometown, attached to the German Empire . He moved to Nancy, where he took the direction of the School of Fine Arts. After a busy career, Louis-Théodore Devilly died in Nancy on December 24 , 1886. More on Louis-Théodore Devilly

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